“We won the CHAMPIONSHIP!”

Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Schools Talent Show 2010

 20th March 2010

Courtesy of Lai King Catholic Secondary School

On Saturday, March 20, 2010, Choi Hung Estate Catholic Secondary School’s Drama Team once again took to the stage in the Catholic Diocesan Schools Annual Talent Show presented by HKCDSS English Language Education Committee. Schools showed off their talents in such diverse areas as drama, magic, singing, dancing, poetry recitations and public speaking. There was even hip-hop dancing. 


This year, the CHECSS Drama Team proudly presented the drama, The Bus Stop. We are extremely proud to announce that our team beat out all other teams to take first place in the competition, scoring a total of 91%. This is the second year for students Anson Wong (4A), Jacky Jim (4A), Ronnie Yau (4A) and Brian Tsoi (3B). This year we welcomed newcomers to the drama team, Dicky Li (2A), David Chan (2A) and Jonathon Tang (2A).  We also had great technical support from Johnny Wai and Sam Cheung both from 3A.


Anson Wong and Jacky Jim took to the stage as little old men and confronted a bank robber at a bus stop, played by Ronnie Yau.  The three were joined on stage by two young students, (Brian Tsoi and Dicky Li) who did not understand English very well. The boys showed off their singing talents with their own rendition of Money, Money, Money.  Confusion and laughter erupted as the robber tried to make himself understood.  Finally, it took Sergeant Lee, (David Chan) and Officer Wong (Jonathon Tang) to bring order to the stage.   The great sound effects, controlled by Johnny Wai and Sam Cheung added to the success of the performance. 


The CHECSS team showed excellent collaboration. To quote adjudicator, Mr. Gary Harfitt, “Great humour and excellent language control. Brilliant!” Well done, everyone.  Take your bows.


Ms. Leila Weston


Student’s Reflection

4A Ronnie Yau

The Adjudicator’s Comment

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