English Week 2010-2011

25th – 29th October 2010


The school was soaked in a rich English learning atmosphere. As previous years, the school hall was once again crowded with multitudinous bustling students during the lunchtime and after school playing booth games run by S.4 students. Everywhere in the campus, students were found inviting their teachers to have a chat about their school life.


From 25th October to 29th October, the annual English Week with the theme “My School” was held, which served as a part of our school’s 45th anniversary celebration. Students and teachers had fun with English together through a wide range of English activities including the booth games and English Speaking Day. English Songs Appreciation served as a kick-off of this fascinating week, followed by the S.6 visit of the Hong Kong Debate Open. S.2 students enjoyed themselves so much in watching the Disney fairy tale, Enchanted, which filled the school hall with laughter. S.1 students had a great “traveling experience” with their seniors, S.5 students, who prepared the first Choi Hung Travel Expo with eye-catchy posters at the school playground. S.3 students expanded their view after attending the seminar about sight-saving with staff from ORBIS, the international sight-saving charity, as our guest speaker. Students also had a different “Halloween” experience with Holy Evening at the school hall where you can see students portraying the Saints there.


The English Week was marked an end with the award presentation. However, it was just a start of our lifelong English learning. Choi Hung boys were all looking forward to the next English Week in the coming year which will surely give them another joyful English learning experience.

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S.2 English Theatre – “Enchanted”

Choi Hung Travel Expo

English Game Stalls

Holy Evening

English Speaking Day

Say the Password

S.3 ORBIS Charity Seminar

Award Presentation Ceremony

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