Mutual support always needed among teachers

Having been invited, Choi Hung Teachers are glad to seize the opportunity to serve Catholic Diocesan Primary schools in District III by sharing our experience and knowledge on F.1 class allocation test on April 2, 2012 at St. Teresa Secondary School after the previous fruitful experience we had when we worked with those in District II at St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School.

Working with teachers from St. Teresa Secondary School, five teachers from the Chinese, English and Math departments of CHECSS engaged in the sharing on students’ performance, question types and formalities of each subject as well as the skills needed to tackle the various questions.

Teachers who took part in the event found it illuminating to enroll in the very active discussions and participants contributed a great deal of meaningful information to the group. In short, the event is regarded as a channel for teachers on the front line to exchange precious and practical experience. As a speaker in this event, I feel like having been better equipped with the mutual support among teachers there and I hope we will all be ready to return to our “front line” after the Easter Break.

Mr. Chan Yat Lun