Taize Hymn Quiz

Quiz Result


  A quiz was held to consolidate the experience of boys singing Taize hymns in the morning prayer this academic year.

  This quiz was held during the English reading session on Thursday afternoon. Besides asking for the meaning of the 5 Taize hymns sung, boys were also asked to read a short passage on why the Taize community composes and sings the hymns in such way.

  21 boys were awarded a DVD or a CD on Taize. Ms. Tammy Yan, chairperson of the PTA, was invited to present the prizes to the winner representatives in the morning assembly.

  2 quizzes were already held in the 1st term, 1 in Chinese and 1 in English, as the singing of Taize hymns is an item in the School Major Concern (2) – promoting a healthy life.


班別 姓名
1A 鄧文朗
2A 何承蔭
2A 盧子謙
2A 施述程
2C 林樂勤
3A 朱浩明
3A 李明佑
3A 丘詠騰
3A 陳志聰
3A 譚亦卓
3A 毛柏翰
3C 李卓烜
4A 崔子成
4A 洪志豪
4A 詹浩權
4A 葉賓鴻
4A 劉宜鑫
4A 羅家偉
4A 翟學儒
4C 林駿發
6A 許成昆