Delia School of Canada Visit

Form 3A hosted the English Second Learning classes from Delia School of Canada on June 7, at the school hall. 50 students representing many nationalities interviewed and were interviewed by 3A and 6B students. They asked such questions as: If you had a million dollars what would you do? ; What would you change about your school?etc. 3A students were interested in the answers to questions such as: What nationality are you? What is different about school in Hong Kong from your former country? What have you learned about Hong Kong culture?etc.

Following the interview, Delia students did a powerpoint presentation about their school.

Delia students and teachers were full of praise for 3A and 6B boys. They have asked to do this again next year!

CHECSS students were happy to meet students from Korea, Russia, Thailand, Japan, China and Phillipines. It was an enjoyable experience for all!