English Week 2007

English Week was held from 26th to 30th April 2007 to enrich the English learning environment and culture of our school. It also served to motivate students to learn English through games and competitions. The activities included: Song Dedication, Movie Show, Game Stalls, I Speak English, F.1 Interview, F.2 Rap Performance, F.3 English Drama Competition and F.6 Debating Contest. Those activities have helped to improve student's creativity and organization skills and confidence in speaking English.

A survey was conducted on a sample of 253 students. More than 60% of respondents said they liked the English Week. They thought the activities were interesting and agreed that the English Week encouraged them to speak more English. The most popular programmes were found to be F.2 Rap Performance, F.3 Drama Competition and Game Stalls.


Game Stalls


F.3 Drama Competition


F.1 Interview and I Speak English


F.6 Debating Contest


Movie Show


F.2 Rap Performance