The Halloween party was held at the school hall on Monday, 31/10 with 40 students participating in it.

When the school bell rang, participants all ran to queue at the entrance of the hall with their costumes, waiting for their face painting. The party ended up with a horrible movie, 'Resident Evil' . The students really enjoyed this movie as it was exciting and scary. After the movie, we moved to our covered playground to continue our games. We played 'Apple bobbing', which is a traditional game of Halloween. You can tell how happy they were when you could hear their laughter on the floors above. The last game was 'Balloon Tossing' and all students had a real good time with it. At the end of the game they even threw their water-filled balloons to each other. As all the announcements and instructions were in English, the students realized that learning English could be great fun in this festive atmosphere. This year's Halloween party added spice to their English learning experience and it was a great success!