ˇ§ The Way We Were IIˇ¨

ˇ§The Way We Were" is an old boy interview project. The first book ˇ§The Way We Wereˇ¨ researched and written by 3A English students, was a project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Choi Hung Estste Catholic Secondary School. The second book,ˇ§The Way We Were IIˇ¨ were researched and written by forty-one students from Form 3 to Form 7. After students had interviewed old boys in English, they had to write a report about interview.

First, our boys have to read and be familiar with a set of questions prepared for the interview. Then they have to speak English, asking their seniors questions on various aspects during the interview. During the communication process they have to listen to the English spoken by their seniors. After the gathering it is time to write the report. Drafts have to be re-read and re-written before submitting the written report to our NET teacher, Ms. Ernestine Arnold. Upon receiving suggestions from Ms. Arnold our boys have to read and write in English again before their work is sent to publish.

There is a questionnaire distributed to 41 interviewers and most of them think that this experience is good for them and worth doing again next year. (Students' evaluation)

A studentˇ¦s view:

I am very glad that I could interview an old boy of our school. Fortunately, I get a chance to interview the ˇ§Sport Heroˇ¨ of our school ˇV Mr. Yu Chi Siu. He is the Javelin Record holder in Hong Kong. I am really happy about it.

Mr. Yu was a perfect student in my school. Many students of our school admire him and are proud of his achievement. Although he has joined a lot of competitions and trainings, he could still handle all of them very well. Now, Mr. Yu is studying Civil Engineering in The University of Hong Kong, but he still trains for Javelin.

This is a valuable experience; I have improved a lot in many aspects after this interview, such as speaking skill and my confidence. In the past, when I talked to someone whom I donˇ¦t know, I would feel very nervous and frightened. But this time when I interviewed Mr.Yu, I felt good not only because he is my ˇ§hero of the schoolˇ¨, but also he is kind and gentle. I think the skills I learnt from this interview can be used in my daily life.

4A William Yu