English Week

October 26 to November 1, 2011


English Week is supposed to be boring to many students.  Imagine students have to speak English for seven days!  It could be a suffering.  However, that does not apply to our Choi Hung boys. 


Our annual English Week was held from Oct 26 to Nov 1, 2011 in a different way this year.  This year, we had 10 different games booths in the Hall.  They include phonics & prepositions games, Pictionary Man, Table-Tinglish, Riddles and song dedication etc.  Among all the games, Pictionary Man was a well-received one.  Many students came and challenge themselves with their English and drawing talents.  They had to pick a picture with a description of a job, an action or an activity.  They read the description and had to draw it out so their partners had to guess what it was.  How challenging!  “I remember I picked the description of a lawyer and had to draw it out.  With the help of some other schoolmates, I finally made it but my partner couldn’t figure out what it was,” said Yuen Ka Kit, a form five student. 


The second most popular game was Table-Tinglish.  What is that?  It is a simple game.  Students had to play table tennis but at the same time think of different vocabulary under the theme given by the English Ambassadors.  For example, the English Ambassador said “Furniture”, and then the two students had to say chairs, tables, sofa, lamps, bed …and so on while they had to keep the table tennis ball going as long as they could.  “That requires high concentration and skills,” stated Lam Shek Yeung, a form three student. 


To many of us, English is a difficult language.  However, activities like the English week open doors for students.  The English week is the first step for students to experience what the world may be like outside the comfort zone of their English lessons.  Indeed, most of us speak Cantonese; English and Putonghua are second languages for them.  While learning a foreign language is a skill everyone should possess, learning outside the classroom is the ultimate reason why the language is learned in the first place.


My advice -- Be curious and inquisitive to explore the wonderful world of languages.

Chan Lok Hin

English Society, Chairman


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