Students' Reflection

The Kiwi Experience by Benson Liu Chi Hoi

  Before sharing my feeling to New Zealand, I would like to thank you principal Li and teachers for giving me this valuable opportunity to improve my English.

  The trip was held by Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. We went to New Zealand for seventeen days. In the study tour, we were arranged to study at St Peter’s College, which is a catholic boys’ school in New Zealand. We had local classes there to know more about the education and local school life in New Zealand.

  Studying in New Zealand let me feel free and the students in New Zealand are extremely nice. They welcomed us with their warm sincerity and introduced their school when we arrived there. They also helped us to get used to the school life. It is so important that, with their help and understanding, we could use English at every minute even though we felt shy and a bit afraid of speaking English. They never teased us when we made any mistakes, instead, they taught us how to use it in a correct way. Apart from the school life, we also enhanced our English proficiency by using English in our daily lives. Especially, we were assigned to live with our home stays which took best care of us. We could try to become one of the kiwis. Life there is totally different from that in Hong Kong. The life style of the kiwis is much simpler and the life pace is much slower. I am very pleased that I can have a stay and a culture exchange with Viena and Alan, who are my home stay parents.

  I have improved my English after the tour, particularly in listening and speaking. Now, I do not need to read the subtitles when I watch English films. Moreover, I become more independent because I had to look after myself when I was overseas. My knowledge of New Zealand has been also broadened so that I know more about the history and culture of New Zealand and the geographical features we found there. Last but not least, thank you Principal Li and teachers for giving me this valuable chance.

My Kiwi Experience by Davis Chan Chun Yu

  I am Davis Chan from 3A, one of those participating in the New Zealand study tour.

  First of all, I must say ‘I love New Zealand!’

  New Zealand is such a great place I had never gone. When I arrived at New Zealand, I was amazed by the beautiful views. The blue sky, the green pasture and tall trees were full of my eyes. The fresh air made me comfortable.

  At St Peter’s College, the students are very free and motivated to learn. The campus is also large enough to let students play rugby, basketball and even football. Most importantly, the students are helpful. When I had problems, they were kind to help me.

  When I came back Hong Kong, I was so happy that I have improved my listening and communication skills in English because I had to use English in my daily life when was in New Zealand.

  Personally, I have also learnt to be independent in the tour. I can wash the clothes on my own and take care of myself. I also learn to respect the nature, which is an important part in the culture of New Zealand.

  After all, I must say thank you to the school again for providing me an opportunity to join the tour and broaden my horizons.

My Kiwi Experience by John Tam Ka Hing

  I have a great trip in New Zealand. It is very different to Hong Kong. First, the system of education is simpler than that in Hong Kong. The students in New Zealand are less stressful than those in Hong Kong. The taste of studying in New Zealand makes me want to study in New Zealand.

  I have made a different in my life after the tour. I hated doing housework in the past. I never helped my mum to do housework. However, in New Zealand, I had to do housework to help my host family. I find some interests and satisfaction in doing housework. Now, I do help out at home and also enjoy helping others.

  To sum up, I have learnt a lot in the tour. I hope I will have more chances to visit other countries and enrich my life experience.

My Kiwi Experience by Mok Tsz Chung

  Above all, thank you Principal Li for giving me a chance to join the study tour in New Zealand. The chance is not a must for everyone so I really appreciate the help from the school. I do not only enhance my English proficiency but also gain a lot of life experience.

  Someone said ‘walking around the world is better than studying thousands of books” I think that is true because books can only show you the pictures or share with you in words but they cannot touch your heart and let you have the feelings. If you are standing on the land, the feeling is absolutely different. You can smell the fresh air and touch everything real. Those wonderful views touched my heart and became part of my unforgettable and beautiful memories which can never been taken away.

  After the tour, I have grown up a lot. I have learnt to be considerate to others because I know everyone should be respected. In the tour, we had to live with each other and work in teams so it is essential to take others into consideration.

  Lastly, I would like to recommend the tour to our schoolmates because you can always learn something unexpected there.

My Kiwi Experience by Silver Yiu Tsz Long

  My Kiwi Experience goes to the kindness of the school, especially Principal Li and the teachers.

  The study tour includes seventeen days staying in New Zealand. The tour is a great chance for me to practise and improve my English skills, especially listening and speaking. Also, we have a chance to be exposed to a different culture. As an overseas tour, we can have a taste of studying overseas. We can get to know more about the education system in New Zealand, which is very different from what we have in Hong Kong.

  Besides, we had to take care of ourselves, therefore I have learnt how to be independent. In the home stay, we experienced the local life in New Zealand and have learnt how to communicate with each other in English. I enjoyed the slow pace of life there.

  The weather in New Zealand was absolutely good. The air was very fresh in which we know there is less pollution. Kiwis have protected the environment very well. I think we have to learn their human value. We have to learn their unpolluted life style. People in Hong Kong care too much about the economy. The life in Hong Kong is too rush. We have to finish things very quickly. But the life style in New Zealand is absolutely different. It is very slow and they are very relaxing. So their life is much more comfortable than that in Hong Kong.

  To what I have experienced and learnt, I must thank you my school to give me this opportunity to go to New Zealand. Also, I have to thank you my English teachers for teaching me English with your heart so that I can communicate with others in English.