English Activity

interviewed Wah Yan Collegefirst old boy 


Interviewed Wah Yan College  

Form 3A students had a chance to practice their English speaking recently, when they interviewed the 3Y class from Wah Yan College.

The Wah Yan College boys gathered in the School Hall and were asked 20 questions such as: ¡§What is your favorite subject and why?Which part of the school campus do you spend the most time in? etc.¡¨ CHECSS students had to make notes of the answers and then write a report about the student they interviewed. After the interview, Wah Yan College students each taught CHECSS student an English word game. It was a learning experience as well as a fun time!


First Old Boy Simon Li and Harry Cheung  

Rev. Simon Li was the first¡¨old boy¡¨ to be interviewed for the 3A English project. For their English class, 3 A students are interviewing ¡§old boys¡¨ as research for the reports they will later write. They are trying to interview someone from each class from 1965 to 2005 as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations!