English Week 2017
日期: 2017-02-06 至 10
活動類別: 英文
English Week was held from the 6th to 10th February, 2017.

We held this annual event with the purpose of encouraging our students to use English outside the classroom and allow them to learn common phrases and vocabulary. During lunch time and after school, we carried out a number of fun-filled activities, such as Movie Show, Riddles, ‘Tabletenglish’, Evangelization Drama, etc. With the help of the English ambassadors, various game booths were set up. All these activities nurtured not only the students’ language abilities, but also their organizational skills, leadership capabilities, sense of responsibility, creativity and fun. 

Evangelization Drama

Game Booth - Bouncinglish

Game Booth - Food Toss

Game Booth - Matching

Game Booth - Super Shoot

Game Booth - Tongue Twister

Game Booth - Word Search

Giving out clues about riddles during morning assembly

Learning English through sports

Movie Show - The BFG

One of the riddles

Table Tenglish
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